Welcome to my Bigo World...

I'm Shuuman I have been a Bigo Host Since 1/17/20

I do many FREE giveaways every Month.

Top Fan every Month gets a Shield and 2-10 get in a drawing to win 188 Maces

Use gifts, Loyalty tickets, Visit, Hang out, and wear fan badge to gain Loyalty Tickets and Fan Points

Deadline is last day of the Month 7pst/10est

You can also win a Shield or entries to win a shield by spinning the wheel

188 maces gets a spin. 2 in 20 chances to Win a Shield or 100 Diamonds instantly also all entries count Double

You can tap 999 for a wheel spin to win 1 of 3 FREE entries drawn on the last day of the Month 7pst/10est

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